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If you are a new member, welcome to the forum for writers.

Home page
The home page is the page you see when you visit .
Bellow the logo are 6 icons.
Icon 1
The first Icon is a link to the home page. Clicking that icon takes you back to the home page.

Icon 2
The second icon is a link to the forum USER LIST, there you can see every member as Well as their title/rank. You can also search them.

Icon 3
This links to the forum search page, you can use it to search for post or the Author of the Post you wish to find.

Icon 4
Link to your profile page. Here is where to be after registration. There are a broad of settings available for you to edit, editing them affect your appearance in the forum and when people visit your profile.

Icon 5
Links to message menu, You need to check here regularly because the forum doesn't alert you when you receive new messages. Beside checking your inbox you can also view your outbox and send new messages from this page.

Icon 6
This is the exit button, you need to click this icon any time you want to leave the forum to appear offline. The forum does not automatically log you out.

Bellow the icons is the Announcement, it does what it said, We use it to announce latest updates within the forum.

Next is the Categories and Boards.
There is currently 3 categories (General, Story club, and Social group) bellow each category are some Boards. Try to select the right board for your thread. The Admin and MOD will move or delete any thread not appropriately sorted Well.

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This thread maybe updated letter.



Now go back to the Terms and conditions
Read carefully.


You are here » Cool Story » Help center » New Users Guild